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How often have you stood in an unmoving line, waiting for your turn at the Redbox, only to suffer through the teensy selection of movies you’ve never heard of while the peeps behind you burn a hole in your back?  How often do you sit down to watch the OnDemand movie you’ve just purchased, only to have your internet connection go on the fritz, or slow to a crawl, getting your Hollywood blockbuster in fits and starts?  How often have you looked at your cable bill and freaked out at what it’s costing you this month (convenience can be pricey)?  How often has that little red envelope appeared in your mailbox, containing movies you were interested in seeing a week ago, but now that they’re here, eh…not so much.  Or worse, finding that same red envelope hiding at the bottom of a stack of junk mail, and now that rental has cost you three times what it would have been to own the DVD in the first place.

You suffer through these little indignities because you can’t imagine anyone being dumb enough to still own a video store in this day and age.  But how great would that be? Browsing aisle after aisle of movies with no one rushing you; immersing yourself in the nostalgia of movies you haven’t thought about in years.  How great to be able to ask the geek behind the counter what was the name of that movie that had the guy that was in the thing–you know, the one about the aliens?  And they know what you’re talking about.  Or to get a recommendation on some obscure little gem of a movie you would never otherwise know about, and suddenly find something to add to your top 10 all time favorite movie list.  It would be sweet!  But seriously, who’d be dumb enough—crazy enough—to own a video store in this sparkly, digital age?

Analog fools like us, that’s who.  Look, we take movies seriously—WAY too seriously—and we think they deserve better than the treatment they’ve been getting lately.  They certainly deserve better than some robot dispenser at the supermarket.  And we get it; not everyone is geeked out like us, and there is a certain charm to just having a film instantly appear on your TV while you’re Sittin’ in your jammies.  But if the searching and the discovering is just as important as the watching of your movies, then welcome home fellow movie freak…to the Last Video Store On Earth.

Located above the restaurant—our video store boasts nearly 4,000 back catalog titles.  Movies you’ve actually heard of—the wheat from the chaff; the good stuff.  As well as all the major new releases the day they’re available; sometimes weeks or months before Redbox and Netflix.  Membership is free.  New Release and Blu-Ray are $3.99 for 3 nights, and Back Catalog is $2.49 for 3 nights.  Except on Sundays, when we do our Movie Matinee Madness and let every movie in the joint, including new releases, go for 1 Night/1 Buck.


If you want more info, the store has it’s own website, which you can check out HERE.